OT Services

At Watch Me Shine, we empower children to shine brighter with a comprehensive range of therapies. Our Occupational Therapists (OTs) empower your child to reach their full potential in daily activities! We offer the services below to address various needs:

Fine Motor Skills & Handwriting: Improving hand dexterity, control, and coordination for tasks like writing, dressing, and manipulating objects.

Sensory Integration: Helping your child process sensory information effectively for better focus, organization, and participation in daily activities.

Visual & Perceptual Skills: Developing visual skills needed for tasks like reading, copying, and spatial awareness.

Executive Functioning: Building skills for planning, organizing, focusing, and completing tasks independently.

Gross Motor & Muscle Strength: Improving balance, coordination, and strength for activities like walking, running, and playing.

We can create a personalized program to address your child’s specific challenges and goals so that you can watch your child shine!

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